does anyone even listen to the cab, the academy is…, the maine and bands like that anymore? because those bands where my life a few years back 

guess who’s seeing the maze runner tonight

"but why would you even take nude photos?"

because it’s fun

do you ever want to slap some fucking sense and reality into your friends heads but you dont because they are so fucking ignorant you would probably rip off their head

that was the shortest family gathering i’ve ever been to. i hadn’t even entered my brothers house before my uncle had proclaimed that, yes indeed he was a racist and he called me fat. so i left.

found an amazing army jacket at the thrift store today

how hard can it be to find primal fear on dvd

my dad just came home with a coca cola that said “dad”

i’m finally no. 1 on kim k hollywood

hate buying clothes online because i’m a size small on top but a medium on my ass